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worry that the united states may sink into deflation and that was one consequence of the rate hitting zero bound. limiting the scope. those decisions in this period were faced with the risk of hitting zero-bound, policy makers should control the rates and being constrained by the lower bound on the policy interest rate. although these were warranted in policies in subsequent years, the question remains if the policy was necessary. since we cannot know how the economy would evolve under policies, the answer to this question is conjectual. one approach by this question is to compare policies during this period and the recommendations from the taylor rule, developed by john taylor of stanford university. this approach is subject to a number of indications. notably simple policy rules like the taylor rule are only rules of thumb and important people can disagree about the details of such rules. moreover simple rules may leave out factors that may be relevant such as the risk of the policy rate hitting zero-bound. which is why we don't make policy based on such rules alone. for these reaso
in the united states andçç worldwide, and an examinationvç on the civilians role in establishingç leadershp anoç afghanistan. live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] ççççççççów3çóokmyokthis t senator christo(1.%Ñ dx4#ççç1 announced his retirement. he has been in office since 1981 and is up for reelection this year. he played a major role in the health care bill, and he is the prime sponsor of financial greg with -- regulation legislation. >> ruining the neighborhood with all these people gathered. happy new year, and good morning to everybody. every six years over the past three decades, i have invited you to join me at our home to share in my decision toç seek e election and reelection to the night is states senate. on each of these occasions, i have begun my remarks by observing in every important for any begins and ends at home. today is no exception. ñdççqwhat is different isçó noo announce the beginning of another campaign but rather to
task is to try to get a global perspective to the legislative agenda and the united states. this is only panel specifically focused on legislative agenda in any one country, so all the talk about change, it is changing. there is still something important about what happens to the united states and congress. when i lived in europe, europeans always used to ask, when do i get to vote in an american in elections? i used to say, that is fine with me. there are a number who might have a word or two to say about that. i do not imagine that will happen anytime soon, but did these you can vote on this panel. the framers would they invented the u.s. government envisioned the united states congress as the first branch of government, the places where all the issues and pressures and the man decided to come together and be resolved. that did not always work as efficiently as they wanted it to work, but it probably work the way they -- it worked as a crossroads to the political system. i do not know about you on this? and how you feel about your jobs, but when i covered this, and was on
to the united states in the situation, and therefore how would we go about contributing as much as was consistent all along with all of the of the pressures that we faced. >> what of the paper that went through the advantages? >> the letter that i just referred to, the 29th of october, indicates some of those points. not least -- it is written by my private-sector type -- secretary but it is from my office to the prime minister. >> out of interest there -- by and large your letters came from office to office rather than writing directly to the prime minister. >> it seemed to vary. that never quite understood. i am sure there is some civil servant convention for this, but it tended to be the case that i would write my own personal views directly to the prime minister. if i wrote on behalf of the department, it was more likely to come from my office. >> the different options were set out as late as october 29, which is quite alarming. the assumption that all this had been settled by september, it clearly was not. >> and in response to sir roderic earlier, there's a sentence here,
the house of representatives scheduled in the united states, we'll bring this first question time when the -- when the first prime minister's question time one week from today on the 28th of november that is scheduled. and we thank you very much for coming by. we're going to keep you here as much of the afternoon as we can to help us fill in the spaces where the american audience and us play not understand. right now let's go back to the house of commons. >> second speeches over the years. and that research revealed that during the last parliament, there were two other members of the class of 1983 with similar majorities to my own, who seconded the loyal address. at the subsequent general election both of them lost their seats. [laughter] now, mr. speaker, the pat tron of secretary a marvel of kindness and courtesy and although i must tell him i got his message loud and clear, the return to the house of my honorable friend the member for the forest, who was one of those seconders is proven that there is political life after political death. our political life mr. speaker has been -- ar
their own minds because they're at the moment in a vacuum. >> in the united states, there are a variety of books that can be bought or received regarding background on members. we thought we would go through the ones that are available here. one is, if you want to go the expensive route, dodge companion. you could get it on an address that you will see at the bottom of the screen. it has pictures and background and more extensive version. i'm going to go ahead and drop this one and then show you another one, which is called the m.p.'s chart. it is done by a gentlemen by the name of andrew roth. you could see that address at the bottom of the screen, it is from parliamentary profiles and it is more of a lighthearted look at members of parliament and how they work. finally the cheapest one was one called parliamentary companion. which you can get from the street here in london. you could buy that for 4.95 pounds. you could write to the altracis at the bottom of the screen if you could get one of these so you could more easily watch members of parliament in -- and learn more about them. wh
wanting to pass information back to the united states and united kingdom might have been relying on those stocks. some were used as improvised explosive devices without any understanding of what was in the shell. and those shells were being used by some of the insurgents in the aftermath of the invasion. without understanding what they were -- i am not suggesting for a moment that there were of recent production, but they were there and in store, presumably in barracks and armories looted in the immediate aftermath of the invasion. >> it took you a while until the report of the survey? >> i think that is when it began to be clear. again, one of the issues i never quite understood -- i think it is a straightforward issue. why if they did not have access to these stocks, did such an enormous amount of effort go into trying to frustrate the work of the inspectors? there is not an entirely satisfactory answer to that, as far as i am aware, other than that i have speculated people around him knew this production had ended, and no one dared tell him, whether he wanted to keep up the pretense in
. this program is one that brings students from all over the united states. i have been associated with this program as a factory director for about 10 years. this is a program which is very dear to my heart. we have consistently had some of the best speakers available and certainly this is true of juan carlos zarate. there is a scene in the movie about the watergate in bashan, all the president's men, and there is a meeting in an underground garage where an informant with the code name of deep throat tells robert redford playing bob woodward that if he wants to find out who is responsible for the burglary at the democratic headquarters, you should follow the money. we have somebody here who has followed the money. he did so in his capacity as the deputy secretary of the treasury board took this was a job that involved one of the most complex tasks and the anti- terrorism effort. that is how these people get money, spend their money, and it takes a person with uncommon diligence and intelligence to be able to track this down, including the assets of saddam hussein. he went on from
national security. when the president of united states in his military advisor call this governor, he is there to listen and help in any way that he can. i think people of illinois appreciate that kind of work. on the matter of jobs, i think it is before us all. last year, a year of reform and stabilization, we were enabled to enact a far-reaching law that will help us get jobs back on track in illinois. but i want to be a governor who understands the economic needs of everyday people in our state. i have always done that as state treasurer, lieutenant governor, and now i am the governor, and i think the number one issue in illinois today is getting our economy back on track. president franklin delano roosevelt said a long time ago during the great depression, when my father and mother were young, that the best social policy ever devised, the best government program ever devised is a good job. and that is what we have to understand -- our mission this year is to revive our economy and put people back to work. we can do it in the state of illinois. i want to be the building governor. i
precipitously by double digits of the past year. it is not just the president of the united states, but the commander-in-chief and he is the leader of the party that currently holds a very strong majorities in both houses of the federal legislature, many governorships, and many state legislatures. he is the chief messenger on all of those things. it is significant. let's take a look at his approval ratings in the approval ratings of the democratic party on this issue as well. if you look at issues, for policy upside down on iraq, on afghanistan, illegal immigration -- -22%, according to cnn polls. cnn again on unemployment, the federal budget deficit, the war in iraq, taxes, health care policy now. all of these measurements by anyone who counts, he is not doing well on these issues. you are running based on attributes and talking about transformation, talking about hope and change, and you are talking about helping the middle class and having a clear vision for the country, then it is fair game to ask these questions. cnn poll began, between last year in this year, inspires confide
not need another vote in the united states senate. they have got plenty. where's yours? that is the question. and it would not be just any vote, but on many of the major questions of our day, a lot of these measures are going to rest on one vote in the united states senate. that is what the opponents of progress have been pouring money into the commonwealth in hopes of promoting gridlock in failure to keep things just as they are. i would think long and hard about getting into that trap with martha's opponent. it might take you where you want to go. and where we do not want to go right now was backwards to the same politics that got us into this mess into the -- in the first place, when we started making progress cleaning it up. massachusetts, we have had one year to make up for eight . it has not been quick or easy, but we have begun to deliver on the change that you voted for. think about this -- some of these members that i just talked about, what we have done just over the last several months, we've started to see the economy growing again, given tax cuts this fall
are going to rest on one vote in the united states separate that is why we -- in the united states senate. they want to keep things just as they are. i think long and hard about getting in that vote. it might not take you where you want to go. where we do not want to go right now is backwards to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place, when we have just started to make progress cleaning it up. [applause] >> we have had one year to make up for eight. it has not been quick or easy. we have begun to deliver on the change you voted for. think about what some of these members have talked about and what we have done over the last several months. we have started to see that economy grow again. we have given tax cuts to small businesses. we are forcing banks to start lending again on main street, not just worry about profits. we made sure that police officers, teachers, critical workers across this commonwealth have not been laid out -- off. we have so much more work to do. so many families are out there hurting. i get 10 latter's cost and letters out of the 40,000 i recei
-- i also commend paula gavin and the current staff. i commend our mentors throughout the united states and their academic partners for all the good work you do to keep the movement moving ahead. i am proud of this great organization and i am proud of the many graduates who are now making a difference in our society. but is about a movement. it is about not necessarily working hard to make sure you get there, but working hard to make sure that those who fall behind you get there. as i get older, i recognize that these lakes are not as strong as they used to be. i am a little stooped when i walk. i don't need glasses, but my eyesight is not as well as a used to be. this movement is not necessarily about me, but about the people that follow behind me. in closing, i want to leave you with a point that i think is very important. it is important in my life and i think it is important in the lives of the people that come through this program. it is about building bridges, making sure that the people behind your able to travel the path a little better than you. this poem goes like this. it is
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13